Did we terminate that contract in time?

Avoid unnecessary costs and get the big overview

Get financial insights of contracts
and the big overview


(Video in Danish - English version coming soon)
Terminate your contracts in time
and avoid unnecessary costs
(Video in Danish - English version coming soon)

Contracts & Obligations in One Database


Which contracts do we have?

How are we financially committed?

When can we terminate the contract?

These are typical questions which can be difficult to answer without having to go through accounts and appendix folders manually.

Organize contracts and obligations in one

database and gain easy access to

references and analysis of your data.

Then you can focus on

analyzing contract costs instead.

Prepared for Any Meeting


Whom did we enter into contracts with?

All contract responsible parties know the importance of having access to their obligations in time and thus have an overview before a meeting e.g. with suppliers or collaborating parties.

We believe that everyone should be able to understand the relevant contract data and with be able to use this to support daily meetings or dialogues.

Contract Information up to Date, Always


Why wait for others to provide data for your reports?


Contract information is entered into one

database so all users share a common frame of reference and insights.


You decide when and how often your data is updated in accordance with your needs.

One Shared Database


With Mtool all contract data is collected into one structured Data Warehouse.

This gives everyone in the company a shared basis for decision-making anywhere, anytime. Whether the central question of discussion is obligations or costs you have ensured that everyone is on the same page and working from the same figures.

Ultimately enabling for a dialogue across departments on one shared database.

We are a Microsoft Partner


We are technology partners with Microsoft and

have more than 15 years of experience with solutions for financial systems.

This means that Mtool is already naturally integrated with the tools you work with today. Not only does this minimize training costs but it allows everyone to work with familiar technology. 


This will minimize training costs during the start-up process, as everyone is on familiar ground from the very beginning. 

Instant Contract Insights


The models and tables included in Mtool

gives a visual aid for Contract Management

and Business Intelligence.

The standard templates visualize the contract figures in charts and can be tailored to your needs, providing an intelligent reporting tool

for increased collaboration.


This allows you to go from data to

contract insights in seconds.

Experienced in Contract Management


If you are looking for a collaborator who knows how Contract Management takes place in daily work,

we are here to help you.

Our colleagues have vast experience in the field of Contract Management and consultancy. That means we understand your needs and have experienced something similar plenty of times before.

You can also be assured that we speak the

same business language. This enhances the probability for a good point of departure

for future collaboration. 

Standardize​ Your Contracts


It is important to us that our solution is quick and easy to work with. We know that our biggest competitor is your own Excel spreadsheets with which you are comfortable.

We help you insert the first contracts and guide

you in the use of our standard reporting package

in Microsoft Power BI.

Get started fast and reach the finish line quickly.

Get more information on how you can successfully manage time, money and responsibility
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